Steps Are The New Currency

Zocentive is a wellness-lifestyle app that rewards users for walking/running while bringing them closer to Wellness - Health - Fitness Brands via "walking challenges".

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Daily healthy habits are the key for weight loss or a healthy lifestyle. Our walking challenges motivate users and give them a sense of purpose while bringing them closer to wellness brands. Walk - compete with friends - enjoy real wellness experiences.


Surround yourself with people who light your path! This is exactly what we do by bringing wellness to your door! Discover all the BEST wellness brands (spas, beauty parlors, gyms, resorts…) in your city in one click.


The average person is doing at least 1.8M steps per year. With Zocentive, we really value those steps! Here’s a chance for you to shop with the best wellness brands while using your steps as DISCOUNTS.

Our Vision

Creating a global daily healthy habits. We achieve this by connecting users directly to wellness brands, coaches, health experts and FUN walking challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zocentive give cash as reward?

The answer is a HUGE “NO”. Cash rewards only help people to lose weight in the short term. People with weight loss problem aren’t POOR ! Losing weight / unhealthy lifestyle is a journey of DAILY HABITS. Zocentive rewards users with wellness experiences ( free massage, books, discounts for retreats, sportswear … )

Can I fake my steps?

You can try, but unfortunately, you will be banned from the platform. Zocentive uses a special algorithm that converts walking disctance into graphs. Once the system detect a standard graph for over 30 min, the user will be flagged. Your health is important. Faking your steps is directly affecting your health goals.

is Zocentive a fitness App?

No, we are not a fitness App, we are a wellness - lifestyle app that motivates people by putting them on the wellness path ( fitness, yoga, mental health, personal goals …). Healthy lifestyle should be a FUN journey, not a boring and painful one. “ INCENTIVES “ numbs the pain and give you a sense of PURPOSE.

Does Zocentive cooperate with bars, Clubs… ?

No, We only cooperate with wellness brands and only GOOD ones. We more into QUALITY than QUANTITY.

How can I use the Zocoins?

You can use the Zocoins as discounts while purchasing stuff in the Zomarket .

Is it true that you guys reward people with FREE FLIGHT TICKET?

YESSSSSS, this ain’t a scam. We are partnering with resorts on different islands and they know how important is the wellness tourism now. Escaping from your daily hustle is becoming a MUST and offering you a nice trip to you and your family on an islands in Bali or Fiji … will motivate you more to achieve your health goals .

Why just walking?

Cause walking is a daily habit and you won’t any excuses for not working out lol. You do walk everyday anyway.

Why brands should cooperate with Zocentive ?

Cause you need to keep your customers engaged and loyal to your brands. Our job is to engage, motivate and connect them via challenges launched in the app.

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